Complete · 2022
Amsterdam, NL

Blend in an extra bedroom into a spacious living room

Living in a typical 1930’s Amsterdam apartment, the project of this family of 4 was to create an additional bedroom while preserving the current layout, charm  and level of details: the functional open kitchen circulation, lots of books to store and a set of steel doors.

By enlarging their current and tiny office / library corner connected to the living room, we’ve re-used that space and the steel doors to create the additional bedroom including a dressing and a functional office space. An extra room that will bring space, privacy yet openness to the rest of the apartment.

In order to maintain the volume in the entrance and to take advantage of the space left by one of the existing doors, we’ve also finalized the project by creating niches both in the bedroom and in the hallway.

A simple way to bring more volume and storage at the same time.